Lawn Technician

Job Responsibilities:

Perform maintenance of lawns & gardens, and cleanups

Perform all tasks of operations including but not limited to mowing, line trimming, blowing, leaf and debris removal, weeding, edging, hedging, raking and mulch installation

Prune and trim small trees and shrubs

Monitor lawn and landscape quality

Proper use of safety equipment and Personal Protective Equipment and ergonomic practices

Address questions or concerns with the clients by forwarding them onto the Foreman. Communicate customer opportunities immediately

Wash dirty equipment {including all mower decks} and return to an approved storage location. Report damaged or broken equipment to management immediately.

Fill trucks, mowers, equipment, and cans with fuel additive & fuel in preparation for the next day (or as necessary)

Prepare for the next day’s jobs every evening

Experience requirements:

Must be 18+ years old

Valid drivers license

Good driving record

Reliable transportation and current proof of insurance

Ability to read and write English, including maps and diagrams

Desired skills:

High-quality customer service

Follow directions and process/procedures

High-level communication skills

Bi-lingual is very beneficial